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Curriculum Vitae

Personal data Simone Buzzi, born the 30th of May 1978 in Locarno (Switzerland), Swiss, single
2005-2007 MAS MTEC ETH Zürich (Master of Advanced Studies in Management, Technology, and Economics/BWI), nearly equivalent to a MBA study.
1997-2002 Dipl. El. Ing. ETH Zürich, Department of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering
1993-1997 Liceo Cantonale of Bellinzona (Switzerland)
1984-1993 Primary school in Bellinzona

School projects

  More details and pictures can be found at: www.sbuzzi.ch/eth
Diploma Thesis "PCI board for Xilinx Virtex-E and 3D-DCT Video Board"
The goal of this project was to develop a complete video compression system (both hardware and software) so that the characteristics of the 3D-DCT video compression method can be explored in a real time environment. The system is composed of one PCI board for the data transfer with the computer and one video board for the compression and decompression of the video data.
2nd Term Project "Acoustic Heartbeat Biofeedback"

The purpose of this project was to develop a prototype device that allows to investigate on the achievable effects of an acoustic heartbeat biofeedback. The device measures the patient's heart rate and feeds it back by playing a synthesized sound of a heartbeat. The particularity introduced in this project is that the heartbeat sounds are played at a regularized and slightly reduced frequency, with respect to the real heart rate of the patient.

1st Term Project "Digital function generator on PCI Board"
A function generator PCI card, able to generate eight different types of waveform at different frequencies and amplitudes, was developed. The generator can be comfortably controlled from a graphical user interface running on Linux system.

  Work experience
Summer 2000 Work experience by Siemens Switzerland (14 weeks)
Installation of the infrastructure for testing the new device SIMpad, developing and executing the test routines and measuring the device performances

WT 1999-2000 Assistance by the laboratory of High voltage technology
Preparation of a PowerPoint presentation for the lesson "high voltage technologies".

Spring 1998 Work experience in the workshop of the Swiss railway (6 Weeks)
An outline of the structure and the work way of the workshop that is responsible for the maintenance of the trains.
  Social service (instead of the army)
November 2003 SUPSI (Scuola Universitaria Professionale della Svizzera Italiana) Canobbio
October-June 2003 Youth solar project of Greenpeace
Promoting Solar energy with the construction of solar systems on the roof of public buildings with the help of youth, searching new projects, determining which kind of solar system is the most appropriate for the buildings and the needs of the people, making a valuation of the costs. Advising and supervising the owner and the school class involved.

July-October 2002 Expo-Ranger at the national exposition "Expo.02"
For minimizing the human damages on the south shore of the Lake of Neuenburg during the Expo period, some Expo-Ranger were used to control and to make aware the tourist of the importance of this natural area.

Mai-July 2002 Assistant of the management of the exposition of the confederation at the national exposition "Expo.02"
Office work, supply of material to the different "Arteplages", organize the clothes warehouse and IT-support.